Frequently Asked Questions

What is home watch?


Home watch is a service in which providers visit and perform frequent comprehensive reports on a client's property for the purpose of making sure that "all is well." Home watch service providers will inform their clients of all issues and generally will be asked to introduce homeowners to qualified service providers.


How do I know if my home watch service provider is even showing up?


Paramount home watch services utilizes specific home watch reporting software. The software allows us to generate a comprehensive report of the condition and general status of your property. These reports are time stamped and integrate geolocation as proof that we made a visit. Sadly, it is not uncommon in the world of home watch for "hobby home watchers" to skip visits, or not ever show up at all.

How frequently do you make a home watch visit?


We offer visits weekly, bi-weekly, or more frequently. The frequency of our visits will depend on the needs of our client. We do not offer visits on a once per month basis. 

It is our best practice to make visits more frequently than once per month, due to the extended time between visits increasing the chances for damage or disaster to occur to your home!